Advertising Flyer

It is one of the classics of marketing and advertising. The flyer contains a message in order to transmit, sell or promote a product or service by companies, small businesses or even event organizers.

It can be hand-delivered or shared via social media to launch special promotions.

A flyer serves to attract the attention of the person who is reading it at that precise moment and, above all, to get an action. There are hundreds of ways to design a flyer and each design will depend on the goal you want to achieve with it.

It depends on the effectiveness and the design strategy, you will attract more or less clients. It is a great ally of entrepreneurs in the digital age.

Advertising Diptych

The same as a flyer, but it happens to be double.

They are not only important, they are essential when expressing information. Either for marketing or to publicize information in a massive way. Since in it you can reduce the message in a striking, concise, concrete and easy to digest way.

Likewise, they have an indispensable role in the company's campaigns, first of all, it allows the brand to be recognized locally, thanks to the fact that the brochures generate a memory effect in the subconscious. Likewise, it is an impactful advertising method when it comes to public events, especially when a massive attendance is required.

Advertising Triptych

Informative brochure whose sheet is divided into three parts, of which its sides are folded over the center one.

The triptych is characteristic for the amount of content that can be captured.


Billboards are a very effective channel for five fundamental reasons:

  1. It is a cheaper medium than others such as television.
  2. Its large dimensions draw the attention of users as long as its design is attractive.
  3. It is one of the best-known and most valued advertising media by the public.
  4. It can have a large reach depending on your location, as people move around and many people can walk past the billboard and therefore view it.
  5. It is a great medium for local advertising, as it allows you to focus actions on specific areas.