(Symbols/ Drawings + GROUPED words) 


In marketing terms, an Isologo is the graphic design that represents the name and/or brand of a business.

An isologo is the result of the union of the logo and the isotype, but in this case the two parts that compose it are indivisible.

They would not be able to function separately. The graphic representation of the text is so integrated that it acts as a symbol as well.

Examples: Starbucks, Danone, Häagen-Dazs,..


It represents a symbol with which you can appeal to the visual memory so that customers or potential buyers do not forget your brand. This endows any type of organization with presence and permanence without it being necessary to resort to any type of description.

There are several prominent elements that somehow represent the identity of a company. From the values, mission and vision to the slogan and logo, they are part of the corporate image that must be reflected before your public.


Not only to represent your corporate identity with various recognizable elements, but also to effectively reach and position yourself in the minds of the clients you may have.